What customers are saying

"Do you want the best cookies you'll ever buy? Seriously, these things should come with a warning: 'so good your head might explode.'"

"Best cookie in Bethesda. No, make that all of DC. WOW!"

"Loved the lemon cookie... the bakers dozen is the perfect size to take care of a sweet craving."

"We love the cookies! The chocolate chip pecan are 'to die for'. Simply Awesome!"

"[my husband] will not stop talking about your cookies. He would like it known that I am allowed to buy cookies for him from you any day. I knew your cookies would be delicious but man oh man they were even better than I could have ever imagined in my puny little brain. Like, if you took unicorns and crossed them with bunnies, kittens and Benedict Cumberbatch shirtless and wet, that is how awesome your cookies are to me." (about our limited edition Vanilla Glazed Lemon Batman cookies)

"I can't get enough of the soft, chocolatey center."

(about our Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter)

"ZOMG, I think I have just found my idea of cookie heaven... I need more of these and I need them fast."

(Alex, age 11, after devouring our Salted Vanilla Sugar cookies)

"OMG!!! Amazing!!! Can't wait to try others. Your cookies rock! I'll be telling everyone about Noshy!!"

(about our Gingerbread Butterscotch)

"all of your cookies were awesome, but the Gingerbread Butterscotch were absolutely to DIE for! We said it was like fall exploded in our mouths. Sooooo yummy!!!"

"These molasses cookies are SO GOOD!!"

"This is the greatest chocolate chip cookie I've ever had."

"You will seriously drool when you taste these cookies."

had our cookies- let us know in the comments below!

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  1. These cookies smell better than most cookies taste. Just opening a tin is a wonderful experience before even biting into them.

  2. Hi, Julie – I am a client of your Mother in Law’s and your Mother gave me a wonderful assortment of your cookies last Christmas to try and amid the hustle/busstle didn’t get you a note sent out BUT after having your cardamom/molasses cookies and root beer float extravagances, want to let you know that you are a SUPERB, talented baker and cookies/brownies are my favorite desserts, but your cookies have made my day when I last rec’d the 2 kinds above from Candace last week – they are SO GOOD (I have to admit I don’t get a chance to indulge like this very often since my husband’s diabetic), but KEEP UP the good work and hope to visit your shop sometime and hope to get some more of your cookies when I see Candace this month – AGAIN, THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT COOKIES!!
    Gwen Frazier – Manassas, VA

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