Now available in Herndon!


Put your dancin’ shoes on, it’s time to celebrate!!!

Starting September 1st, we’re joining the lovely ladies at The Boutique Bakeshop in Herndon! This means you can get Noshy six days a week (and we get a shiny new kitchen)! WHEEEE!!!

Because we’ll be baking every day, you’ll be able to place a cookie order online or by phone and pick it up possibly that very same day! We’re still working out those order deadlines and logistics and we’ll update our website soon to reflect them. In the meantime, email! call! send smoke signals and we’ll make your cookie dreams come true.

Questions about the move? We’ve got answers:

  • Where is The Boutique Bakeshop? 336 Elden Street, Herndon. About a block away from the corner of Herdon Parkway and Elden Street; behind the McDonalds. Check out the map.
  • Can we still find Noshy at the Saturday Leesburg and Sunday Brambleton farmers markets? YES!
  • Does this mean we might find you at other markets in the area now, too? Yes! We’re working on it. If you have someplace you’d like us to be, send us an email and let us know! Bonus brownie (cookie?) points if you can help us get in.
  • Will you have your amazingly delicious Gluten Free Spiced Holiday Star available more often now? YES!
  • Where’s Waldo? That’s for us to know and you to find out.

Have more questions? Let’s chat!

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