We’re working on new ways to shop!

Along with the recent website redesign (which we are SO LOVING!), we’re working on new ways for you to purchase cookies and submit event information straight from the website.

Right now we exclusively use Square for our sales, invoicing, and online market. There are some things we’d love to be able to do but Square doesn’t do it exactly how we’d like. We’re working on that. We want to give you the opportunity to price your shipping costs per whole order (which varies not by weight or distance but by number of boxes depending on what you order), and let you pre-order and pay for cookies you’ll be picking up in person at one of our farmers markets.

It’s hard to do all these things as a small one-person business, but we’re* TOTALLY looking forward to it!

In the meantime, send us an email if you’d like to place a cookie order that the website doesn’t let you do yet!

*Old habits die hard. Former librarian and inclusive-language user, here I mean “we” as in me, myself, and the company. :-)

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