Back in April, DC Comics declared July 23, 2014 Batman Day to celebrate the character’s 75th anniversary. The first thing we noticed was that it falls on a Wednesday. That’s our market day!

The next thing we did was research batman cookie cutters. ;-)

After a hiatus from market to handle the Yelp Party last Sunday, we’ll be back at Market this week with a LIMITED EDITION COOKIE! We’ll be transforming our lemon glazed shortbread cookie to pay homage to the iconic character with a new shape and new flavors.

Here’s a snapshot of what our first round of tester cookies looked like (not perfectly designed, but DELICIOUS regardless!)

2014-07-05 09.40.41

During our testing, we realized why we love drop cookies so much and that decorating cookies is not for the weak. Kudos to our brothers and sisters in the cookie biz who decorate cookies. :-)

Where can you get these wonderful, limited edition cookies?

They will be sold ONLY on Wednesday July 23rd at our regular market in Leesburg.

Here’s a map to get you there if you’re unfamiliar with it:

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