Our Cookies

Our Cookies


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Signature Flavors - cookies you can't get anywhere else.


Gingerbread Butterscotch

The cookie that started it all. Maybe only Ginger Rogers has more talent than this cookie.  With varying flavors of spice, sweet, richness and delicate textures, this cookie almost has the chops to keep up with Ms. Rogers.


Cardamom Molasses

A customer & staff favorite, this soft and chewy molasses cookie is infused with cardamom from beginning to end and is sure to be just what you're looking for. Also available as a sandwich cookie with lemon cream.


Eva's Animals

These animal crackers are our take on a beloved favorite. Made with wholesome ingredients and a touch molasses and cinnamon, Eva's Animals are sure to please even the fussiest of snackers. EGG FREE.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Sugar

This cookie is a nod to the weekly treat our owner used to drink at the library where she worked. A perfect blend of chocolate, cinnamon, and just a little bit of cayenne pepper for some heat.

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Root Beer Float Sandwich Cookies

These delicious Root Beer cookies have a creamy vanilla buttercream in between and are the perfect summer throwback. A customer & staff favorite.


Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter

The sweet chocolate and savory peanut butter in this cookie go together like... well, like cookies and milk.  Intensely chocolaty with just the right sprinkle of salt to bring it all together make this the perfect cookie for a quart of milk and binge watching Netflix.


Gluten Free Cranberry Ginger

This mild nutty cookie zings with crystallized ginger and dried cranberries. Made with almonds, it is naturally gluten free.


Gluten & Dairy Free Spiced Stars

Naturally gluten and dairy free with only almonds and egg whites, our take on this traditional German Zimtsterne cookie is punched up with cloves, cinnamon, and orange. A customer favorite.

The Classics - tried and true flavors


Chocolate Chip

The pearl earring of cookies. Simple, elegant in its blend of decadent cookie and luxurious chocolate chips. The understated extravagance of this cookie makes it perfect for any occasion.



Love cinnamon & sugar? You're going to adore our version of these classics. Grab your favorite tea, coffee, or glass of milk and dive right into these bad boys.


Oatmeal Raisin Cream Sandwich Cookies

Two moist oatmeal cookies made with jumbo flame raisins surround our sweet vanilla buttercream - a perfect childhood nostalgic treat.


Yay! Sprinkles!

Our funfetti cookie is a throwback to our childhoods and an homage to our inner children. A slightly crunchy sugar cookie choc full of sprinkles. This cookie often dresses up for various holidays.


Yay! Sprinkles! Sandwich Cookies

Our traditional sprinkled sugar cookies sandwiched with a sweet vanilla buttercream and more sprinkles! Often dressed up with festively colored sprinkles for different holidays.


Chocolate Creams

A tastier, handmade version of everyone's favorite cream-filled chocolate cookie.


Chocolate Mint

With scrumptious dark chocolate cookie with bright minty chips, this cookie easily wins over that famous scout cookie.


Chocolate Chip Pecan

You'd think that this would be a simple chocolate + pecan proposition. But our customers have returned, drooling, saying this cookie is the best chocolate and nut cookie they've ever eaten. And who are we to argue?


Gluten & Dairy Free Peanut Butter

Get those cold glasses of milk ready! This peanut butter cookie will take you back to your childhood. Made with just peanut butter, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract, it also happens to be gluten and dairy free!



Blue Zingers

Two lemon cookies surround blueberry buttercream making this sandwich cookie a sought-after summertime favorite.


Cherry Blossoms

This sandwich cookie is in honor of the iconic DC Cherry Blossoms, made with two almond cookies and a cherry buttercream.


Apple Bars

Like mini apple pies, these bars are made with local apples from the farmers markets we attend. Perfect for breakfast with yogurt, or warm over ice cream. Yum!


Peach Bars

Basically peach pie in cookie form. Made with local peaches from our farmers markets, this bar is a wonderful summer treat.

Specialty Cookies


Italian Pignoli

Being Italian, Pignoli cookies are a staple for holidays and at special occasions. "Pignoli" (pronounced pin-YO-lee) are pine nuts. And these little gluten & dairy free delights made with almond paste and Mediterranean pignoli have a soft, chewy consistency under the pine nut coating.


Almond Macaroons

Naturally gluten and dairy free, these Italian Macaroons are with almond paste, sugar, and eggs, piped in a swirl and topped with a glazé cherry.



This sweet South American sandwich cookie features a layer of dulce de leche between two tender biscuits and sprinkled with powdered sugar.