On this day in 2014…

On May 1, 2014 I announced I had started a cookie company. It was a large jump away from my previous 10 years in libraries with short stints as a professor and tech consultant. It was a jump no one saw coming (including me!) but one that, looking back, I couldn’t have imagined happening any other way.

That first year we took January – April to sort out all the financial, regulatory, inspection, and licensing issues, announced our new business on May 1st and on May 7th, sold our first bag of cookies at the Wednesday Leesburg Farmers market (now in a new location).

look at those cuties – twist tied and everything.


We had our first wedding favor cookie order that summer. And after the 10th birthday of Yelp event we did, we knew we were on to something good when after 3300 cookies, we still wanted to bake more the next day.

Noshy celebrates #10yearsofyelp
Noshy celebrates #10yearsofyelp


By the end of that first year, we had joined the Bethesda Women’s Farm Market for the Holiday Season and had an adorable little booth that is still a favorite of mine to this day:

Our little corner booth at the Bethesda Farm Women's Market
Our little corner booth at the Bethesda Farm Women’s Market


2015 saw the expansion from one weekday farmers market to two weekend markets in Leesburg and Cascades and by that point we were attending Leesburg all year round. At some point, we stopped twist tying our bags and transitioned into the packaging we use today. We also left our (first) hourly kitchen at the VFW to join the wonderful ladies at The Boutique Bakeshop in Herndon at the end of the year. That change would end up being the greatest one yet (as evidenced by the caption on the instagram photo we posted that first day baking at the Bakeshop…

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I'm home.

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In 2016 we won the Critics Choice award at Chocolates Galore (WHOO!), launched our first Sandwich Cookie (Root Beer Float!) and started our cookie subscription service – The Noshy Box. We also started helping local businesses with our custom client cookie boxes and other corporate solutions.

That's me holding the Critics Choice Award for Best Sweet Presentation at the Chocolates Galore & More event on 2/19/16.

Now in 2017, as we head into our fourth summer farmers market season, we have 32 flavors, FIVE markets weekly (holy cow!), two retail locations, and our little team of one (hi!) is growing slowly but surely. We’re also ramping up the wedding side of our business.

We’ve gone through a lot of other changes not mentioned here. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning – thank you!!  And if you’re new to Noshy – we’re so happy you’re here! We love making people’s lives more memorably scrumptious and can’t wait to see what we can do in the next three years! Join us, won’t you?


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