We’ve been nominated for the BRASSYs!

We’ve been nominated for a BRASSY Award! The BRASSYs are Square’s first-ever awards program to recognize bold, brave entrepreneurs.

“You have to be bold to start a business. An entrepreneur is “one who undertakes significant financial risk.” So, really, all sellers are brave. You’re all bold. You’re all crazy enough to ignore the odds and tough enough to stick it out.

We at Square hear a lot of these stories, and some stand out. Stories of extraordinary vision and extreme perseverance. Of building your community while you build your business. Of turning an idea into a livelihood into an unstoppable force.

We created the BRASSYs because we want to recognize these sellers. Five BRASSY winners will receive mentorship from business luminaries at a special one-day Seller Summit, a $10,000 cash prize, Square hardware, and more.”

Click to vote for us, and follow Square as they announce winners!  https://thebrassys.com/#noshy

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