Always learning: mini cookies

One of the perks of being a part of the Boutique Bakeshop and the wonderful group of talented women there is the collective experience and potential for learning.

Case in point – I had an event last week (more to come on that awesome experience!) and instead of doing my regular sized cookies and cutting them in half for samples (which I’ve been doing for two years now), it was suggested to me that I try mini sized cookies!

So armed with the cutest darn cookie scoop known to man (seriously, almost too cute for words), I gave it a shot and voila! Victory on three of the cookies I tried it out on.

Sure, it takes *so much* more time and effort to scoop that many itty bitty cookies (my masseur had something to say about the state of my cookie scooping arm muscles this morning) but it was well worth it. Especially at an event with a TON of amazing chefs sampling their delicious treats, a little cookie was really all you needed. And they were *soooo* much more beautiful than a cookie cut in half.

We are now working on pricing for our mini cookies, though possibly only for wholesale. Stay tuned and please reach out if you’re interested!

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