Adults acting like kids are awesome. So are cookbook recommendations.

The Arlington Public Library hosted its 2nd Annual Late Night Recess on July 31st and Noshy was back with cookies and milk! We had a fantastic time and even attempted to join in on some double dutch (for the first time in probably 20 or so years! Sorry, no photographic evidence for your amusement; you just had to be there). ;-)

However, we do have a list of Recommended Cookbooks! ARL asked us to write up our favorites and we think it’s a pretty fantastic spread! Here’s a teaser of some of the goodies you’ll find on the list:

The Cookiepedia: Mixing, Baking, and Reinventing the Classics by by Stacy Adimando, photographs by Tara Striano

The Chocolate Chip Murder by Joanne Fluke (the Hannah Swenson series)

The Tucci Table
by Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt with Kay Plunkett-Hogge

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